Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino Lyrics – An In-Depth Look at Arctic Monkeys’ Latest Work

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If you’re a fan of the Arctic Monkeys, then you’ve probably heard of their latest album, Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino. This album takes on an entirely different sound from the band’s previous works, and it has captivated listeners all over the world. However, it’s not just the music that has people talking – it’s the lyrics. In this article, we delve deep into the lyrics of Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino to uncover the hidden meanings behind this intriguing record.

1. The Start of Something New

Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino marked a significant shift in the Arctic Monkeys’ sound. The band discarded their usual guitar rock to create an album that was heavily influenced by jazz, lounge, and psychedelic music. The lyrics, too, took on a different tone – Alex Turner’s songwriting is more abstract and poetic than ever before. The opening track, “Star Treatment,” sets the tone for the rest of the album.

1.1 “Star Treatment” Lyrics

Alex Turner’s vocals are dreamy and hypnotic, and the music is simultaneously fun and melancholic. The lyrics of “Star Treatment” are an ode to fame and stardom. Turner sings about the absurdity of celebrity culture and the pressures that come with being in the public eye.

The chorus goes:

; Il fenomeno degli un casino clandestino: una piaga sociale sempre più diffusa

“Get on your dancing shoes,
You sexy little swine
Hurry up, before the chance
To get a room, it’s gone overnight”

Here, Turner seems to be poking fun at the idea of stardom and how it creates a false sense of urgency. The line “Get on your dancing shoes” can be interpreted as an invitation to join the party, but also as a command to perform – as though the only way to be relevant is to keep up with the dance craze.

2. The Title Track

The album’s title track, “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino,” is an enigmatic piece of work that has sparked many theories and interpretations.

2.1 “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino” Lyrics

The song is set in a fictional hotel on the moon, where people go to escape the troubles of Earth. The lyrics describe a grand, futuristic setting that seems to be at odds with the mundane problems of everyday life.

Turner sings:

“Good afternoon!
Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino
Mark speaking
Please tell me how may I direct your call?
This magic moment
This is magic moment
Forget-me-nots and second thoughts
Live life, like its going out of style

The song’s opening lines set the scene for the listener, introducing the setting and the character Mark. The chorus, with its catchy melody and lyrics, seems to be a commentary on our obsession with living in the moment and leaving a lasting impression on those around us.

3. A Study in Characters

One of the most interesting aspects of Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino is the cast of characters that populate the songs. Each song seems to feature a different protagonist, each with their own story to tell.

3.1 “Four Out of Five” Lyrics

In “Four Out of Five,” Turner sings about a character named Mark who is trying to sell a product to the listener. The lyrics describe a futuristic shopping center called “Tranquility Base,” which seems to be part of the larger setting of the album.

Turner sings:

“Do me a favor, and tell me all about
The things that you have seen
And don’t you know that it’s a fool who plays it
Cool, by making his world a little colder?
Hey, now, here’s a glamorous bit
About a ridiculous gem
That’s also extinct
Oh, what a flex, that’s not a start
Might as well have just stayed in bed
From the shores of Montenegro
To the coast of California
Oh, any day now, any way now
We’re going to make a contribution

The character of Mark is a salesman who is trying to convince the listener to invest in his product. The lyrics highlight the emptiness of materialism and consumer culture, and the chorus urges the listener to “look beyond the veil” and see the world for what it really is.

4. A New Era for Arctic Monkeys

Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino is a departure from the Arctic Monkeys’ previous works, both in terms of style and substance. The album can be seen as a commentary on modern society, fame, and the human condition.

4.1 “American Sports” Lyrics

In “American Sports,” Turner sings about the cyclical nature of history and how certain events seem to repeat themselves.

Turner sings:

“And when you gaze long into an abyss
The abyss also gazes into you
Carried the war, dropped on a world
Carried the weight, heavy and slow
Division, a leap of the faith
Do you trust what I say?

The lyrics are a nod to Friedrich Nietzsche’s famous quote, “When you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” The song seems to be a commentary on how we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past unless we actively work to change.

5. The Power of Interpretation

One of the great things about Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino is how open it is to interpretation. Each song can be seen as a story in its own right, and the album as a whole has a cohesive narrative that runs throughout.

5.1 “Batphone” Lyrics

In “Batphone,” Turner sings about a character who is reaching out to someone in a moment of desperation.

Turner sings:

“But I haven’t done a thing all day
Where did the time go, girl?
Idly waiting for miracles
Who’s fooling who?
And if you’re feeling lonely, don’t
You’re the only one I’d ever want
I only started to think of you lately
There’s only so much you can do
And if things could ever be the same
Wouldn’t that be a shame?

The song’s title, “Batphone,” is a reference to the hotline that Batman uses to contact Commissioner Gordon. The lyrics are ambiguous and open to interpretation, but they seem to be about the futility of waiting for something that may never come.


Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino is a masterful work of art that showcases the Arctic Monkeys’ versatility and creativity. The lyrics are poetic and engaging, and the music is unique and mesmerizing. Whether you’re a diehard fan or a casual listener, this album is well worth a listen.

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Q1. What inspired the Arctic Monkeys to create Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino?

A1. According to Alex Turner, the album was inspired by science-fiction films, lounge music, and the idea of making a concept album.

Q2. What does the title of the album mean?

A2. The title is a reference to the setting of the album, which is a hotel on the moon called “Tranquility Base.”

Q3. What is the overall message of Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino?

A3. The album can be interpreted in many ways, but it seems to be a commentary on modern society, fame, and the human condition.

Q4. What is the most popular song on the album?

A4. The most popular song on the album is “Four Out of Five,” which has been praised for its catchy melody and clever lyrics.

Q5. Is Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino a departure from the Arctic Monkeys’ usual sound?

A5. Yes, the album is a significant departure from the band’s usual guitar rock sound, instead featuring influences from jazz, lounge, and psychedelic music.